Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Process

Zinefest Logistics and Other Questions

Registration Process

How do I register for a table at DC Zinefest 2017?
Please fill out our online registration form. Mail-in registration has closed.

How much will it cost me to have a table?
We have not yet set rates for tables, but we imagine they will be not far from last year’s rates: $5 for a quarter table and $12 for a half table.

When will I find out whether my registration is accepted? And what happens after that?
We will be reviewing registrations as we receive them, so please be patient! If you’re in, we will be requesting prompt payment to reserve your table.

If I am added to the wait list, will I be able to get a table?
There is a lot of demand for tables at DC Zinefest! The length of the wait list varies from year to year. Don’t lose hope; we sometimes have tables that become available as Zinefest approaches.

Is there any way to participate if I don’t get a table?
We will be running a “day-of distribution” table at the Zinefest. You can add your zines to the table for sale or trade during the fest, and pick up the proceeds and any leftover zines at the end of the day.

Zinefest Logistics and Other Questions

What are the hours for DC Zinefest 2017?
Zinefest will be on Saturday, July 15. We have not yet set the hours, but we imagine they will be similar to those from last year (11am to 5pm). If you have a table, you will want to arrive closer to 10am to get set up.

Is there an admission fee to attend?
No! We do not charge an admission fee. However, we collect donations for We are Family / Positive Force.

How do I get to DC Zinefest 2017?
Our venue, St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church, is located at 1525 Newton St NW, and is accessible by public transportation. The venue is less than half a mile walk from the Columbia Heights Metro station (Green/Yellow line). On Metrobus, the S2 and S4 buses drop off near the venue on 16th Street; several other buses drop off nearby, including the 52/53/54, the H2/H4/H8, and the 42.

If you drive, street parking can be hard to find in the neighborhood, and may be time-limited for non-residents. Be sure to check the street signs to avoid getting an expensive parking ticket! There is a paid parking garage at the DCUSA shopping center, near the Columbia Heights Metro station.

Note: DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE THINGS in your car. One out-of-town tabler reported a computer stolen from their car in 2015. For peace of mind, we recommend leaving nothing at all visible in your car.

How much do zines typically cost at DC Zinefest?
In past years, zinesters have generally charged $2 to $5 dollars per zine, on average. However, guests know that zines with full-color pages, cloth covers, or other special finishes typically cost more. There have been few items priced over $15.

You didn’t answer my question — who do I talk to?!
Feel free to contact us in advance of Zinefest with any questions or concerns at For those tabling, on the day of the fest, there will be a “tabler liaison” assigned to you and other nearby zinesters.