HallowZine: The Zine 2020

Happy HallowZine, friends!

We reached out to our community this month to solicit comics, poems, collages, doodles, drawings, stories, and any other creative forms of expression inspired (even tangentially so) by 1 or more of our prompts!

We are excited to present the incredible talent of 19 zinesters in the following pages.

  1. They opened the door and …
  2. Every Hallow’s Eve _____ walks the earth.
  3. Drink one vial of _____ and …
  4. They looked in the mirror and their eyes were now …
  5. My skeleton in the closet
  6. Stare into the darkness and ____ stares back at you.
  7. My skin was crawling with …
  8. Little did they know there was a painting of ____ was in the attic.
  9. Did you know that kids have more bones than adults?