HallowZine Video Stream

Note: our pumpkin-headed friend should be recording in landscape mode!

TLDR: Share your spooky or spoopy video (1 second to 3 minutes in length, MP4, PG-13, following safer spaces policy) using the file sharing service of your preference (share it to our Google acct: dczinefest@gmail.com) by October 24th. Premiere on October 31st. Prizes.

We usually have our HallowZine celebration in person, but thanks to Covid-19, we gotta change things up. We’d love you to share a spooky or spoopy story, performance, animation, or what have you. Extra points for being related to zines/zine culture.  We’re going to stitch it all together like Frankenstein (No…FRANKENSTEIN WAS THE DOCTOR!) into a dark, twisted masterpiece.  We just want you to share a maximum 3 minute video (landscape, wide, or “hot dog” format) using your favorite file sharing utilities (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, unlisted YouTube link).  It doesn’t matter how–it just needs to be an MP4 (please get in touch if you need help with the details) and needs to be shared by October 24th.  We were very happy that we were able to make small cash donations to our readers during last year’s Hallowzine, and we’d love to use this as a way to raise funds for participating performers.

The safer space policy is still in effect, please make it PG-13 (little goblins might be looking), and if you feel like your video has any trigger warnings, let us know in advance so we can display them as part of the video.  We’ll be holding a premiere of the movie live on October 31st, and we’ll host it on our YouTube FOR ALL TIME!

HallowZine: The Zine 2020

Contribute to this year’s HallowZine Zine! Using 1+ prompt, express yourself via comic, poem, collage, doodle, drawing, story, joke, meme, list, etc., and send your thing(s) to dczinefest@gmail.com by Oct. 24th with “Hallowzine” in the subject line. Please format your thing as a 5.25 inch [W] X 8.25 inch [H] -image file preferred!

Include your name/pen-name, the title of your thing, and social media/website if you want people to find you and your stuff!

  1. They opened the door and …
  2. Every Hallow’s Eve _____ walks the earth.
  3. Drink one vial of _____ and …
  4. They looked in the mirror and their eyes were now …
  5. My skeleton in the closet
  6. Stare into the darkness and ____ stares back at you.
  7. My skin was crawling with …
  8. Little did they know there was a painting of ____ was in the attic.
  9. Did you know that kids have more bones than adults?