Hi, my name is Vicky and I’m a comic book artist and illustrator, currently in the D.C. area. I like to work with elements of magic, romance or slices of life in otherworldly places. You can find my website by clicking on this bun’s face, to the left.

Otherwise, scroll down to see the comics that I have on Gumroad in digital form!


Eel is a short comic about a girl named Mirrie, who must help her friend during a powerful storm.

Magic, romance, 23 pages. Ages 12+ for mild language.

You can get a digital copy of it here:

Mina e Nuno

Mina e Nuno contains true stories of a Korean-American girl and a Portuguese guy, with family members Puff and Wally Wu-Wu. You’ll be able to see what it’s like for them to live with different personalities and cultural habits.

31 pages of cute and light hearted, slice of life comics. Ages 12+ for mild language.

You can get a digital copy of it here:

Thanks for checking out my stuff! If you see any artwork or comics on my website that you’d like to purchase, do contact me. And feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Bye for now!

red leather and danger

we are red leather and danger, a publisher of emotional pro wrestling zines from austin, texas.

our currently-available zines are all poetry zines written and edited by amanda traphagan (pictured above) that focus on the stories of different wrestlers from new japan pro wrestling, japan’s largest pro wrestling company.

our available zines are:

dates the golden lovers went on – a collection of haiku poems imagining moments in the shared romantic life of kota ibushi and kenny omega (also known as the golden lovers) after their glorious reunion in new japan pro-wrestling.

hiromu and all his boyfriends – a collection of free verse poems exploring the most romantic rivalries of new japan pro wrestling’s “ticking time bomb” hiromu takahashi, coupled with his own (translated) words about the subjects of the poems.

¡naito infinito! – a collection of free verse poems coupled with visual art chronicling the career journey and personal developed of new japan pro wrestling’s tetsuya naito from overlooked stardust genius to beloved ingobernable on the precipice of true wholeness and redemption at wrestle kingdom 14.

all our zines are available as pay-what-you-want e-zines in our gumroad shop.

t-shirts and physical copies of ¡naito infinito! are available in our big cartel shop.

thank you for visiting us, and remember that pro wrestling is the greatest sport in the world.

Cosmic Medium

Hello! Welcome to my virtual Cosmic Medium Zine table!

Thank you for checking out our zine! I am glad to virtually meet you. I am a graphic artist and illustrator, and a Biologist by day. I live in Washington, DC, with my beautiful family, a woman of color, and am a first-time mom. I have always been an attendee of the Zinefest, but and this year, I opted to participate. Although, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Zinefest is virtual. Al hope is not wholly lost. I was able to scrape up some of what I have worked on to share with you.

I imagine that you would love to collect and see more work. Please subscribe to my mailing list, and I will share with you more zines that I create in the future.

Until now… please check out the zines below.

  1. “Color in my Style.”
  2. An illustrated fashion from A to Z.
  3. Receive a new zine each month (plus receive the above book for free).

Let’s link up on social media, so we can get virtually high five each other and chat, we can be virtual zine friends, so I can get to know who you are and the type of zine you would want to see! Connect with me below at .

-Laura p.s. let me know you stoped by and send a greeting in my DM’s at

Art of Ru Xu

Hello! I’m Ru, a comic artist. I write and draw stories about inns for Time Travelers, monster boys in love, and girls disguised as newsboys! Welcome to my virtual table. 🙂

Saint for Rent is my semi-animated webcomic. It’s about a guy named Saint, and he runs an inn for Time Travelers! It’s free to read and has been updating since 2012. 🙂 Saint and his boyfriend Armand are available as acrylic standees at my DFTBA shop!


APPEAL! Pilot is my comic about a Werewolf Lawyer who falls in love with a Single Dad Vampire! This is the 40-page beginning of their story~

I also have a concept zine that’s full of illustrations, comics, and sketches called APPEAL! Redux. 🙂 This one is in full color.

You can find the physical versions of both in my DFTBA shop and the PDF versions on my Gumroad.


Last and certainly not least, I have a graphic novel series called NewsPrints. It’s about a girl named Blue who uncovers a huge government secret that completely changes the nature of her country’s war! Both books are available wherever books are sold, and you can find the PDF for the concept artzine HeadLines over on my Gumroad!

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Have a great day!

Jennifer Smart: Eldritch Art Books

About Me

Hi there! By day I’m a documentaries editor based in Washington D.C., but by night I am a casual creature designer and concept artist.

I’ve found my artistic niche in taking the vague ideas of mythological creatures and childhood characters and twisting them into eldritch horrors, equal parts grotesque and sublime. Lovecraftian cosmic horror, the Forgotten Realms, and cryptozoology are the most obvious threads connecting my illustrations, although G̶̠̕͝a̷̦̪͆͜r̷̯͕̋̋̓ͅf̷̰̌̋̔i̵̺̓͝ȅ̷̖̘͆́l̸̛̘͘d̶̖̗́ always seems to pop into my work every once in a while…

You can find my latest work on instagram @jaesmart and my published art books—A Handful of Dust and Denaama and Other Worlds Than These—down below! My Etsy shop can be found under Lehen Productions.

A Handful of Dust (2020)

6 x 9. Soft cover, perfect bound. 86 pages. Signed.

A Handful of Dust is my newest collection of work from March 2019 to February 2020, published as a soft-cover 86-page sketchbook — including Inktober 2019 and Creatuanary 2020, as well a myriad of newfangled digital illustrations (a new frontier for gruesome detail).

Available for purchase on Etsy here.

A couple of illustrations from A Handful of Dust:

Denaama and Other Worlds Than These (2019)

6 x 9. Soft cover, perfect bound. 106 pages. Signed.

Denaama and Other Worlds Than These is a collection of personal work from December 2017 to March 2019, published as a soft-cover, perfect-bound 106-page sketchbook. It contains work from both Creatuanary and Inktober monthly challenges, as well as scenes inspired by various RPGs and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Available for purchase on Etsy here.

A couple of illustrations from Denaama:

Thank you for looking!

sanedoodles’ shop: zines, prints and things

Hello, thank you for stopping by! My name is Allie – I am sorry I don’t get to see and meet you in person, but I am glad you’re here now. I hope this zine fest brings you a little bit of joy today!

Quickly about me – I am a person who lives in the DC metro area with her partner and cat, who doodles and draws and make things from cats to racial identity to CPTSD!

Also, I donate 20% of my earnings in support of anti-racist efforts and protests. I have more details on my website!


To make a purchase, please visit:

Don’t Touch Me’ Sassy Cactus tee
S $20.00 (sale – only one left!)
M-XL $25.00

To make a purchase, please visit:

Extra goodies + free shipping!

To purchase, first Venmo me @Allie-Anindita and comment on the item(s) you want to purchase, and then either email me or DM me on Instagram with your order instructions (address, corroborate name and items, etc.)

Quickie Zines
* Hi, I’m Mixed
* This is a Cat
* This is Success
* What Am I Feeling? A Mini Guide to Mostly Bad Feelings for the Emotionally Constipated and What To Do With Them


Kitty Eyes mini cards
Write a little love letter to your friend or partner on the inside!

If you like what you see – which is content related to racial identity and mixed race life, depression and anxiety, emotional trauma and CPTSD recovery, and more – follow me on Instagram below. Thank you again, and hope to see you around x