Save the Date!

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The 6th Annual DC Zinefest will be held on Saturday, July 23rd from 11-5 at St. Stephen’s Church (1525 Newton St NW).

DC Zinefest is always FREE to attend, accessible, and open to the public.

Tabler registration information is coming soon!



Tablers are up + Upcoming events!

2015 DC Zinefest

2015 DC Zinefest is July 25th!

BIG NEWS: The preliminary list of tablers is LIVE! We’ll be updating as folks get moved up from the waitlist. We’ve had a high number of applicants this year, and new registrants will be added to the waitlist. We’re really excited to see friends old and new.

We’re also really stoked about all of our upcoming events! Hope to see many of ya’ll around town as we celebrate our 5th year.

  • Saturday, June 20th, 1-4 pm: Zine Swap @ Fantom Comics
  • Saturday, June 27th, 10a-3p: DCZF Yard Sale! (13th & Allison St NW)
  • Tuesday, July 14th, 6:30p: Zine Night @ the Mt. Pleasant Library! Learn about zines or finish whatever you’re working on in time for the fest!

And of course, RSVP for this year’s fest!

Mail in Registration is Open

Want to register for the Zinefest? you can take part in our early mail-in registration by sending a copy of your zine or zines (along with a note containing contact info–that helps) to:

po box 73691
washington DC 20056

All mail must be postmarked April 20th.
3. Online registration will open on May 1.

While we love art and crafts, we ask that self-published zines make up the majority of things that all tablers sell. Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance–all submissions will be reviewed by our organizers. Finally, please don’t send money now–we’ll contact you about tabling fees after your zines have been accepted.

Space is limited, so please register early, and thanks so much–we’d be nothing without you.

10 Reasons to have a Zine Fest in DC

  • D.C. is geographically accessible!  Philly? NYC? Richmond? Baltimore? Frederick? Silver Spring?  You know you want to come visit.
  • D.C. is filled with intellectual types who want to come to a meeting and melding of minds.  Yes, we want to meld your mind.
  • D.C. is a historic epicenter of punk and riot grrrl life.  There used to even be an infoshop somewhere here… let’s rediscover that heritage, or at least all come out of the woodwork to hang out with each other.
  • D.C. (well, Bethesda) is the home of the Small Press Expo, which isn’t super friendly to super small press.  So this would be like a small small press expo.  Where we don’t charge you to come look at stuff. (What do all the people who go to SPX do when they’re not at SPX? Why is SPX in D.C. if we don’t have some secret underground society of awesome self-publishing artists, writers, and comic book nerds?)
  • The economy is screwed, we’re all un- or under- employed, might as well make some zines!
  • Some of us travel all over the place to zinefests, and we’re lazy and want y’all to come here for once.
  • D.C. doesn’t have statehood, and we’re taxed without representation.  We don’t have a voice in the government, but we have a voice in zines!
  • This will give you an excuse to make that zine of excerpts from your 7th grade diary that you’ve been planning on making for the past 5 years (yes we want to hear about your crush on Jordan Knight, we also think he’s dreamy).
  • Has there ever been a zine fest in D.C.?  No seriously, we don’t know and we’d like to.
  • Because every time we mention the possibility in public, people get excited.

❤ J.Bee & Guy