LISAAAA! “The Room” Screening and “What Do You Say To A Talking Pig” Zine Release, to Benefit DC Zinefest

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has been called “The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies, “Hipster Mass,” and “The film alien anthropologists will make about 21st century earth.” Experience this classic of bad cinema and be among the first to get Dirk A. Keaton’s Room fanzine, “What Do You Say to a Talking Pig” #1. The proceeds of the event will benefit DC Zinefest and Radical Space DC. Beer and snacks will be available for donation, a special guest will be present [Hi Tommy], and spoons will be thrown [bring plastic spoons, lots].

March 31st/April 1st
Doors at 11:30 on the 31st, Movie at Midnight on the 1st
5525 Illinois Ave. NW
$3-5 Suggested Donation

Please RSVP on Facebook so we know how many cookies to make!