Workshop Schedule/ New Ending Time

For maximum zine-browsing opportunity, the hours of the D.C. Zinefest have been extended, so now it is from 11 am to 5 pm. As such, the workshop schedule is:

1- 1:45 pm: Workshop Block 1
Workshop 1a: Fix Yer Bike!
Basic bike maintenance, flat repair, and working bicycle vocabulary from an experienced D.C. bike mechanic. (Held in the HacDC space at St. Stephen’s, unfortunately not wheelchair accessible)

Workshop 1b: DC Conspiracy
Founded in January 2005, the DC Conspiracy is a collective of comic creators who embody the best of independent comics talent in the Washington DC area. The work we write, draw, edit, and distribute runs the gamut from witty and literary works to comics which incorporate action, the mystical, and just plain nonsense. Individually we create, but collectively we’re working to expand comics readership and fraternity through anthologies, minis, and webcomics, among other things. This workshop will serve as an introduction to how the DC conspiracy operates as a collective, as well as the process of self publishing comics, both online and in print.

2-2:45 pm: Workshop Block 2
Workshop 2a: Splotch Monsters 101
Creativity and art-making get stifled and brushesd aside as we become adults. Sometimes we get scared of the blank white space. Sometimes we take art too seriously. What if we decide to set some time aside for fun? This is what this workshop, and Splotch monsters are all about. Here we’ll get to have some fun and collaborate as well as make our very own Splotch Monsters, using watercolors, pens, markers and brushes (provided). What are Splotch Monsters? Show up, participate and find out for yourself!

Workshop 2b: Red Table Press’ Complete Do-it-yourself Screenprinter’s Demonstration
Mike O’Brien of Red Table Press will hold a screenprinting demonstration, distribute “how to build your own equipment” materials and hold a Q&A session on all things screenprinting-related.

3-3:45 pm: Workshop Block 3
Workshop 3a: Zinefest Organizers meeting
A discussion workshop for people who organize zine events or would like to organize zine events to swap experiences and ideas. Share your perspectives and tips on everything from finding a space to fund raising, promotions and tabling issues or learn from other zine event organizers.

Workshop 3b: Making Paper Dolls
Pretty much what it says on the tin: a workshop where you make paper dolls. Participants will make their own set of master stencils, at least one doll, and a set of clothes. Dolls can be b&w or color.

All Workshops Will Be Held in the Sanctuary of St. Stephens Church, except Bike Maintenance, this will be held in the HacDC room.

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